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DONNA --- United States --- PhD candidate

ADDICT --- video games --- sweets

TOOLS --- Intuos5 --- Paint tool SAI --- Corel Painter

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please don't thank me for llamas! I'm very happy that you're grateful, but most of the time the llamas are me saying thank YOU without actually saying anything because I'm awk and don't know what to say, so you don't have to say thank you to my thank you!! (...that sounds weird lol)

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Who's your favorite sailor senshi? 

3 deviants said tbh i liked the original better but that could just be because I was like 5 at the time
2 deviants said Sailor mercury
2 deviants said Sailor mars
2 deviants said Sailor Jupiter (MY BBY OMG)
1 deviant said Sailor pluto
1 deviant said Sailor Venus (omg i almost forgot you)
No deviants said Sailor moon
No deviants said Sailor neptune + Sailor Uranus (errrrr combined to make space for chibi usa also they're like together 24/7 anywei)
No deviants said Sailor Chibi moon
No deviants said Sailor saturn



Journal Entry: Sun Sep 28, 2014, 9:11 AM

A 100 truths meme, tagged by :iconicelaws: Bear Emoji-01 (Good job) [V1] 

-You have to say who tagged you! 
-You must be truthful.  No cheating! 
-You must answer ALL questions!
-You just lost The Game. (wut)
-If you don't tag anyone at the end, I will EAT you! 

The Basics
1. Full name:
Donna Dong Deng (I’m not even kidding)

2. Age:

3. Birth Date:
September 3rd

4. Birth Place:

Shanghai China

5. Gender:


6. Occupation:

Graduate research assistant (a fancy way of saying scientific slaves)

7. Primary School:
Uhhhhh I went to one in japan and two in the US

8. High School:
EP, our graduating class was one of the largest in the nation lol

9. College/University:

Minnesota for undergrad and now I’m at penn stateeeeee

10. Eye Colour:

11. Hair Colour:
I like to think that it’s really dark brown but it’s actually just black.

12. Currently Living:

In state college which is LITERALLY dead center of nowhere in the state of pennsylvania

13. Food:
This is an extremely difficult question

14. Drink:
water or ice tea  

15. Band/Singer:

Aaaaaaa Chouchou, Utada, Flower, and EXO for massive fan girling and shipping

16. Song:

Ummm right now Sputnik by Chouchou    

17. Movie:

House of Flying daggers, honestly anything Ghibli

18. TV Show:

しゃべくり007!It’s a Japanese talk show lol

19. Book:

Sophie’s world by Jostein Gaarder. Now that I go back to the book, it’s definitely not the best, most interesting, nor the best written book I’ve read, but as exaggerated as it may sound it was the single most important book in defining my personality lol

20. Colour:

Teal!! Turquois!!! Sea foam green!!!! Light blueish greens ~ small heart - teal Teal Gemsmall heart - aqua  

Do you prefer...
21. Coke or Pepsi?

Coke??? Idk I can’t tell?

22. Anime or Disney?

Disney’s good but Studio Ghibli is better

23. Guys or Girls? (like platonically?)

I’d like to say personality over all else but tbh all my friends are guys because they’re all really chill and they’re just easier to be with in general

24. Lips or Eyes?

Eyes because I can’t draw lips. :iconspacetiredplz:

25. Kisses or Hugs?


26. Eating or Drinking?

Heh eating hands down Llama Emoji-64 (I love mah fudz) [V3] 

27. Novels or Comics?

Ummmm manga

28. Summer or Winter?

Why not both?

29. Outdoors or Indoors?

Outdoors!! Especially where there’s water!!

30. Camera or Cellphone?

My cellphone is basically my third arm

31. PS3 or Xbox 360?


32. TV or Computer?

Computer because it has more capabilities?

Something personal...
33. Why did you choose your username?

Heh heh heh I’ve been waiting for someone to ask: it has every letter in my name once! Look at it: Donna Dong Deng Stable Arrow  dagneo

34. What is your favourite piece of your own work?  Show us:

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m usually pretty partial to my latest work, but if I had to pick.... this one because I'm like emotionally attached to this one (I feel like I've answered this question like 10 times lol)
Connection by Dagneo

35. What is your most popular Deviation?  Show us:
Yea my princess monoke one by far, idk to me it looks super dark and the colors are muted but as long as people like it I’m thankfullll
Princess Mononoke Fan Art by Dagneo

36. Look to your left.  What is the first thing you see?
My extra monitor screen lol

37. Now to your right:
my cell phone?

38. Something you can't live without:
My computer lol

The last...
39. Person you saw:

My friend, I went to his tailgate yesterday~

40. Person you hugged:
The friend I last saw at the tailgate lol Up Arrow 

41. Movie you watched:
Spirited Away!

42. Song you listened to:
Teddy Bear Rises by Oohyo

43. Book you read:
Oh man…my semiconductor devices text book lol 

44. Thing you ate/drank:
A sweet cheese croibun from Au bon pain lol + water

45. Time you cried and why:
When I watched the second to last episode of Haikyuu… idk that scene where they’re all crying and eating man…

46. Time you laughed and why:
Talking to my friend walking back from class!

47. Time you went out:
The tailgate yesterday lol I was out for 7 hours and sun burned my knees lol

The first...
48. Person you dated:

If you count like 1 week long relationships I went out with this guy that I realized I couldn’t like him that way and I dumped him and then I felt really bad but like what can you doBig Fool Emoji-19 (You done) [V2] 

49. Person you kissed:
Probably my cousin??? Idk like we’re like the same age so our mom’s (they’re sisters) just had as hang out together a lot

50. Crush you had:
Heh I had a crush on the entire male population in my kindergarten class

51. Thing you think about when you wake up:
I’m probably still half asleep at this point so my dream?

52. Best friend you ever had:
I had a childhood friend in Japan, our dads were best friends and went to college together. She’s super pretty and was a child actress but gave it up to focus on her studies and went to a really prestigious school. And I’m here eating my croisbuns and doodling whales on my homework….

53. School you went to:
I was in japan when I was little !! I visited the place when I went back last year~

54. Big holiday you went on:
ughhhhh my family is big on traveling so I dont really remember.... maybe Hokkaido in Japan? 

55. Award you got:

Have you ever...
56. Broken the law:

Yez like California stops and illegal u-turns lol

57. Been arrested:

58. Had a hangover:
It ONLY happens when I have tequila?? Like no matter how much I drink of anything else, as long as its not tequila I’m fine

59. Been in hospital:

60. Been in a car crash:
A little one, yea. And I drove into stuff, like my garage and a tree, but they’re all little so…

61. Flown on a plane:

62. Been on a boat:
Yes and I did sing I’m on a boat

63. Travelled overseas:

64. Had sex:
Well I’m 24 and have been dating my boyfriend for nearly 5 years now….

65. Gotten pregnant:

66. Had an abortion:

67. Been to a concert:
Yez! A bunch of orchestra ones, recently I went to a OneRepublic one

68. Pretended to be sick to avoid doing something:

69. Skipped school/work:
Of course I have I graduated undergrad from an engineering school Bear Emoji-09 (Nom nom) [V1] 

70. Broken a bone:
No, but I sprain ankles a lot?

Deviant time...
71. Who is your closest friend on Deviant Art?
:iconlucidsky: becuz we’re sistwers (not really)

72. What is your favourite Deviation by them?  Show us:
Ughhhhhh she has lots of pretty art but maybe this one? look at da butt
Mario Kart 8 - Rosalina by lucidsky

73. Which Deviant's artwork do you like the most?
Ughhhhh This is really hard.... but maybe :iconalchemaniac:

74. What is their greatest work?  Show us:
Taicrom - Awaken Destruction by alchemaniac Kiki Delivery Service by alchemaniac

75. Any favourite Deviant Art groups in mind?
ummmmmmm i guess it's new but this one? :iconsecretsanta-2014: I like it because it's a great place to find really nice awesome artists, like why am i hereLlama Emoji-52 (Worried) [V3] 

76. What is your favourite artwork by the Founder of the group?
is a sweetheart and her art is SERIOUSLY ADORABLE LOOK 
Link-Sama by Yamio

77. The Co-Founder(s)?
I think she's the only founder?

78. How about the Contributors?
THERES TOO MANY OMG but they're all amazing please check'em out

79. Who was your very first Watcher on Deviant Art?
:iconlucidsky:, I think I joined because she did

80. What is your favourite artwork by them?
lol I guess here's another one!!
Transistor - Past, Present, Future, All Become One by lucidsky

81. Have you ever had any Daily Deviations?  If you have, show us:
ahahah I wish

82. Have you ever won a contest with your artwork?  Show us:
uhhhhh its kinda old but this one?

Cho by Dagneo
83. Show us the first Deviation you submitted to Deviant Art:
ughhh I think I showed this before, I'm going to keep little because OH GOD WHAT IS THIS
balloon by Dagneo

84. Show us your most recent submission:
Self Portrait: a hopeful personality study by Dagneo

More personal stuff...

85. Religion:
Agnostic but I’m a little Shinto-biased, probs because I was in japan when I was little though

86. Social class:

I’ll be honest my family is solidly upper middle class in US standards, but technically I'm by my self so I'm a lowly student lol

87. Ethnicity:


88. Languages spoken:

English Japanese and Chinese in that order but I’m decently fluent in all of em?

89. A scar you have:

I have a scar on my right arm from me trying to make a freaking pizza

90. Preferred medium:


Totally random...
91. Where is your dream holiday location?


92. What are you wearing right now?

Undies + sweatshirt + leg warmers lol I have no pants on HURRAY

93. What is the last thing you bought?
Brownie mix for the tailgate

94. When did you join Deviant Art?
Heh like 9 years ago…

95. WHY did you join?
Cuz :iconlucidsky: did and I was copy cat little sister

96. What type of membership do you have?
Premium beta tester <3 (I think because once there was a glitch and I reported it and they were like she can be beta)

97. Are you playing The Game? maybe?
I thought I lost already?????

98. Are you a member of any other websites?
Yea probably every social media you can think of

99. Do you enjoy answering pointless questions like these ones?
hahaha its interesting every now and then, it's like a self interview lol

100. You're DONE!  Now, tag 5 friends:
uuuuuuu Idk who is interested in doing this type of stuff.... 
um um um you don't have to if you don't want to :iconuhuhuhuplz:

:iconluneu: :iconguava-pie: :iconlaenia: :iconreiloly: :icondyfaux:


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