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So Pokemon on the 3DS... X/Y? ORAS? Z? Comment with your reasons!! 

6 deviants said X/Y
1 deviant said ORAS
1 deviant said wait for Z
1 deviant said Right now I'm leaning towards XY because I've played both original ruby and sapphire and I heard the XY story is better??



~Social media/internet master list~

Journal Entry: Sun May 3, 2015, 3:39 PM

Hey guys!

So my work loads calmed down by a little bit (**note the "little" sobs), so I wanted to do a quick social media/internet (other than dA) update!! I think there's already friends and followers who know me in a couple sites, but this is for the peeps who don't.

Pikachu mini sprite - Pokemon Yellow Tumblr:
      This is actually mainly a aesthetic/color photography blog. I'll put up art things here but I'm trying to be more strict about my color order, so it'll be queued up to be posted with its corresponding colors
        Tl;dr: pretty photo reblogs, sometimes art + doodles but really slow

Pikachu mini sprite - Pokemon Yellow Twitter:
        Lots of rambles and doodles! This is basically me going through my nerdy and sometimes awkward day to day life. Chaotic and filled with random doodles, happenings, and sometimes my face (you have been warned).
        Tl;dr: me talking to myself, lots of doodles & wips... come stalk me?

Pikachu mini sprite - Pokemon Yellow Storenvy:
        So this is where you can buy things from me.... lolol but yea I have prints and little items and whatnot, the prints are all stuff that's also shown on dA but there are also little items that I don't think fits on my dA. I am also up for trades! I'm not doing international shipping as of now, hopefully soon when I figure things out!
        Tl;dr: I have an online store lol *slapped

Pikachu mini sprite - Pokemon Yellow Youtube:
        Sped up progress videos of me drawing and stuff. not updated very regularly (my laptop can't handle a recording program and art program at the same time), but I'm building a desktop right now so hopefully it'll have more then!
        Tl;dr: Sped up process videos, not guaranteed to help you... lol

Pikachu mini sprite - Pokemon Yellow Livestream:
        Livestream of art things! I also like to keep previous live streams up on the site so you could watch these non-spedup videos.... caution its super slow I'm super slow
        Tl;dr: not sped up process videos, sometimes live

Pikachu mini sprite - Pokemon Yellow Picarto:…
       basically the same as above but it doesn't keep recordings of past streams.
        Tl;dr: come watch me draw and suffer

Pikachu mini sprite - Pokemon Yellow
       ummmm you can ask me questions and I'll answer?? I actually just got an account so I don't have a single question come ask me something lol
        Tl;dr: ask me questions.

10 year giveaway results!!!

Journal Entry: Sat May 2, 2015, 9:03 PM

ActsofArt : 2
AeroChance : 3
anichan7 : 3
asiangrl171 : 1
bannabutt-angel-14 : 2
Berry64 : 3
Chugoku-4-life : 3
CillianForVendetta : 3
Crystal-Mint : 2
cylcca : 1
Dear-Raven: 3
ellabunny123 : 6
FaunaV : 2
IceLaws : 5
InsaneXAli : 2
JennyCurrier : 3
JusticeToDA : 3
Kirarya : 3
Rokatsu : 3
psyAlera  : 5 
RandyOneLiner : 3
RoseLawlietRyuzaki : 3
RocioZero : 1
mangosaurus: 5
MariaMenastuy : 3
Meekochan: 1
MiAmoure : 5
MidnightTigerWolf : 1
M-K-1 : 5
monsieur-neco : 1
Myao-zoku: 5
Nashimus : 13
NeedMorePolski : 2
nikkuri: 5
OctoJaeger : 1
RocioZero : 1
Rune-Shard : 1
RY00 :2
saedee : 5
SquareDancest : 3
su-po : 5
SutoopU : 2
TechnicallyTomorrow  : 1
usanyuu : 1
WashiAlice : 2

Also I just realized I didn't actually list the point prizes on the actual giveaway journal post???? I'm sorry guys!! But basically I've put 30$ aside for this, for a total of 2400pts. I split up the 3 prizes into 500, 800, and 1100 points!

So the way I did it was I made an excel sheet with everyone's names (times the number of points):

Step1 by Dagneo

Then I randomized the order:

Step2 by Dagneo

Then picked the random numbers using!!

So first, the 3rd place winner of 500 points is.......

Step3c by DagneoStep4c by Dagneo

Nashimus!!! yaaaay Racing Girl Emoji (Heart shot wink) [V3] 

The 2nd winner of 800points is.......

Step3a by DagneoStep4a by Dagneo

AcTs of art!!!! SpongeBob (Spread the love) [V1] 

And finally, the 3rd winner of 1100 points!! is......

Step3b by DagneoStep4b by Dagneo

su-po!!!  Xiumin Emoticon 12 

I'll be messaging the winners sometime this week with the points!!!

Thanks all for joining the giveaway, and thank you so much for a fun 10 years on dA~~


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