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So I woke up at 3am yesterday because of an earthquake, so if any of my followers and friends are from CA esp Napa region, I hope nothing happened to you guys 

2 deviants said On another note, I got back home last night so I'll be (slowly...) replying messages and comments and stuffs
1 deviant said I was down in Oakland by the airport so I just got light shaking
No deviants said That was my first earthquake since I moved out of Japan like a bajillion years ago


My Deviantart Journey!!

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 6:56 PM

Happy Birthday Deviantart!!! It's amazing that it's been around for 14 years, especially since all other social networks that came out at nearly the same "generation" have mostly collapsed (like myspace or xanga lol)!

so here's my deviantart story~


I started deviantart 9 years ago, when I was 14 or 15 (wow that makes me like really old I guess), and it's been a really interesting journey. At first, I had joined because my best friend/sister :iconlucidsky: did. At the time, I had a tablet but I was reall uncomfortable with it, so most of my stuff was traditional. 

My first submission (I's possible I deleted submissions and 9 years is a long time)

balloon by Dagneo

(oh gawdddddd) I was really inspired by Tanemura Arina and other shoujo manga, so yea... lots of weird girls in dresses. After some practicing around on a tablet, I started to do line art on paper and coloring on the computer: 

Chocolate by Dagneo

Once I got into high school, I started drawing less and less because I had less and less time to, well, not be studying. This turned into a enormous hiatus for about 2~3 years, since I went to college and did college kid things + trying to maintain my grades and basically neglected drawing (I still doodled and did sketches, but nothing that I put more than 30 minutes on).

That changed around finals week my Junior spring. When college kids really need to strap down and get stuff done, we do the opposite and find every possible way to procrastinate.... and I somehow found myself back to the tablet. After a couple doodles and sketches where I impressed my self with not being as terrible as I thought I would be after 3 years of no drawing, I came up with this in a massive 6 hour drawing rampage: 
,Connection by Dagneo

I was actually extremely happy with this at the time; it was different than anything else I had really done before, and it made me happy. So from there, I just started to draw more and more. I think my style started growing here, and some of my pctures became more and more semi-realistic -ish rather than the shoujo style it really used to be. And then I did my first fanart : 

Princess Mononoke Fan Art by Dagneo

And this one pretty much exploded. It now has 10,000+ views, which I thought was legitimately impossible for me????? anyway, I spent nearly 4 months on and off on this because I kept giving up, but I'm glad I went through with it!

So now I upload about 1~3 pictures per month (...I try to, anyway)

And after a year or so, I have finally decided to do something I've never done before: sell my art. Well technically, I haven't yet. but I  DECIDED that I was going to start drawing in preparation of some local conventions in pennsylvania, which meant that I do more fanart that the general internet audience would know. Obviously, I wanted to do stuff I also enjoyed, so out came Officer Vi: 

Officer Vi - Donut time!! by Dagneo

It's only been about a month since I uploaded this, but it already has nearly a thousand views, so I'm very very greatful!

So onwards to to (hopefully) many more years of drawing and painting!!! I'm in grad school now and it's stressful, but I promise I try to keep motivated and not go missing like I did in college!!!

Now for the wonderful people I've met:  

First of all there's :iconlucidsky:, we grew up only a mile away from each other and she's basically my older sibling, the one where you think she's supah cool and you copy everything she does because you want to be just as cool? anyway, she introduced me to shoujo manga, to video games, bubble tea, college, and pretty much everything else in the universe. She's now a full fledged convention artist and sells her stuff at conventions all over, so please say hi if you her! shes nice~~~

Mario Kart 8 - Rosalina by lucidsky Fairy Tail - Twelve Keys by lucidsky But I am allergic to cats! - Original by lucidsky

And then :iconnashimus:! I know I've featured her/ her art on a couple journals preivously, but she's the first "internet friend" I've made online, and the last one to have stuck around!! Her style is considerably different than mine, but I think that's what I like about it, it's so refreshing and interesting to look at especially after I've been working on my own stuff for a long time!

Just Like Always by Nashimus TMNT Pop Art by NashimusFree by Nashimus

And finally, Eris Eris Erissssssss :iconicelaws:! Before she came along, I wasn't too sociable on deviantart. I'd go online maybe once or twice a week, and I'll reply the not-very-common messages, looked at cool art, etc etc. But then Eris basically kicked down the internet door and had me socialize with others and introduced me to others etc, and I overall just became 500% more active on dA! I now have 50% more watchers and friends than I did before Eris came along and basically showed me dA could be just as social as Facebook or tumblr. 
UnW: Yerr a Wizard Jenn by IceLawsFlower Circus: Sasha by IceLaws IT NICO DI ANGEBUTT by IceLaws

Now, the last people I want to introduce are the big inspirational Sempais that have had a big impact on me! I'm only going to name 3 here, but there are a couple more on my front page!!

:iconkidchan: has ben on hiatus on dA for a while (and possibly forever), but I absolutely love their work. It was the first time I saw forms dissolve into each other and colors that common sense said wouldn't work together actually do.

The mix of simplicity and detail is something I really would like to incorporate into my own work, so I'm trying to learn!
The Little Chamber by kidchan
bang bang by kidchan
migration by kidchan

I think I saw :icon253421: on tumblr first, and stalked her back to deviantart. She uses patterns and geometric shapes generously in her art, and combined with her soft coloring style, giver her work a feel that I haven't seen anywhere else. Honestly, her pictures give me this "gut feeling" inside that I can't explain.

Like Kid-chan, she has a beautiful sense of form and how it interacts with the image itself, and it's something I wish I was able to recreate even a partial fraction of. 

KC: Canary Song by 253421Aster in Hogwartsland by 253421Lantern Night by 253421

Lastly, I'd like to introduce :icontobiee:.

He was one of the first artists I found (seriously, like 5 years ago) with a painterly & scene focus. Though I never followed his style, I think he had a huge impact on my transition from a purely shoujo to a more painterly style. He has beautiful and haunting new works, but I'm going to introduce his earlier pieces that had a huge impact on beginner me. His pieces just have this motion and unity that I found extremely beautiful.

Also, take a look at his insane improvement since the first pictures he posted on dA, to his most recent ones; the change is astounding and extremely motivating!!

ugly? by tobiee red by tobieeMotherland Chronicles #18 - bunny yaga by tobiee

And there we have my deviantart journey!!!! If you read this until the end, you deserve to have amazing hair for the rest of your life. or something. 

KFC Chicken Epic Dance Kao Emoji-69 (Bye bye) [V4] Bear Emoji-10 (Long time no see) [V1] 


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